The Playwright edition is designed to stretch the mind, imagination and self expression of your child. It also helps with fine motor skills, processing and organizing skills. All in all this is the perfect way for your child to expand their thoughts , dreams and communication. We start the story and your child completes the story.  Oh let the creativity begin!!!!!

Ages 9 Years and up

The Mystery of Montague Mansion

Mystery of Montague.JPG

Your child is the STAR of the show in this mysterious and maybe a little spooky story. Things are not always what they seem.....Unleash the creativity and have your child finish the story and design their own backdrop too!

In this kit you will receive:

  • Stage to be assembled

  • Character Sheet

  • Flip over backdrop sheet

  • Drop down curtain sheet

  • Script

  • Pack of color pencils

  • Instruction sheet

  • History of the "Penny Theater'

$24.99 plus shipping and handling

Please download a full length picture of your child  to be the main character when prompted.