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We don't stop playing when we grow old. We grow old when we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw

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Theatrics has been designed to cultivate creativity, imagination, independent play and valuable developmental opportunities.

Create your stage, color and design, cast your characters and put on an amazing show for your friends and family.

'Thank you to ONE WORLD MONTESSORI SCHOOL for helping us in our focus group, to make this artisan product one that stretches and challenges a young mind

Kids make their own theater, color in their own characters and back drops and perform their play. My kids loved this so much and were able to add their own creativity to it. Perfect for gifting to the future artists, actors and writers in your life.

Cindy Rohwedder


In a world where screens and technology can dominate a childs day, Theatrics offers them a time for quiet,imagination and focus. With each theatric product, your child becomes a master of worlds and characters born of their own imagination. Theatrics transports your children to secret gardens,eerie castles and quaint fairy tale villages.

April Stecker Kennedy

One World Montessori